Trust is the key to the future of work

9 Apr 2020

One thing Covid-19 has put into focus for me is accountability and trust in the workplace. I always thought I was a progressive leader who welcomed agile working and delivery-based working, but not seeing my team every day is new territory for me.

My family responsibilities have changed overnight. I’m now responsible for educating my children, cleaning my home, working full-time, and trying my best to be positive. And so I have no other choice but to trust my team like never before.

So I made a clear decision to focus on the outputs at the end of the day… if my staff are available when their teams need to connect and deadlines are met, I’m happy (and more at ease), and our clients are happy too. We’re mastering the art of staying connected and working flexibly for everyone’s benefit.

So here are my tips for navigating this new territory of working from home:

  • Start focusing on outputs – what your employees deliver is the real measure of their work.
  • Keep the channels of communication open – show your team that you are there to support them.
  • Touch base regularly – video calls, Microsoft Teams chats, WhatsApp, phone calls and regular staff emails will create a sense of community, reassuring your employees by keeping them updated.

This is only the start of how the way we work in the future will evolve. Many companies and teams will see a change in how they work once this all comes to an end – and the role of the workplace and how it is configured will change along with it.

This article was first published on LinkedIn