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Do you want to renovate your school? We deliver a design which reflects your values, enhances your appeal and optimises your spaces.

Renovate your school in your image

Whether you wish to renovate an educational establishment for young children, secondary pupils or higher education students, our teams will help you to come up with the best solution for the quality of life of your pupils or students and your teaching staff, as well as for cultivating the desired image for your establishment. For this, we can help you from the point of defining your needs up to the turnkey delivery of your project. We will help you redefine and optimise your spaces while also making them attractive, inspiring and perfectly conceived to foster the performance and well-being of all their users.

The top specialists dedicated to your renovation project

The Tétris teams are made up of top specialists in interior renovation. Their approach and expertise on issues including working in occupied premises, managing administrative and regulatory restrictions and working quickly during school periods, guarantee a project that perfectly addresses your needs.

To achieve our mission, a director/project manager will be appointed to become your principal contact. They will be responsible for ensuring that our 3 contractual commitments are upheld – compliance with your specifications, deadline and budget.

  • Fit-out Consulting

    Bring your workspace fit-out project to life with Tétris. We can advise you and establish the best implementation strategy.

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  • Workspace management

    To turn your workplace fit-out project into a performance driver, we analyse your needs in order to define your workplace strategy.

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  • Space-Planning

    Tétris creates the fit-out plan for your offices. Space-planning enables us to organise and optimise the space to create a user-friendly office.

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  • Interior Design

    Bring your designer office fit-out project to life with Tétris. Our teams design tailored projects that reflect your values.

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  • Fit-out Works

    Call on Tétris to successfully fit out your offices. Our teams can handle all the work required to complete your project.

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  • Furniture Solutions

    Call on Tétris for a successful furniture fit-out. We are there to help you from the design to the delivery to your project.

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  • Small Works

    Bring your small-scale workspace fit-out projects to life with Tétris, to periodically reconfigure your spaces.

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Tétris Brochure

Tétris Brochure

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They trusted us

  • European communication school
  • HEC Paris
  • International School of Europe
  • University of London

By entrusting this project to the maternal care of Tétris, we achieved a result with which we are extremely happy. The school is exactly what we wanted it to be: beautiful, open, and filled with light and air; a school that can convey a sense of calm and tranquillity to the children and to their families.

Dott. Paolo Formiga
Président of International School of Europe

Tétris is a leading Design+Build fit-out


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