Office Fit-out
800 sqm
2 months
Paris, France

Fitting out a living workspace


800 m² of peace and quiet. Interface employees can now enjoy a workplace that is ideal in terms of wellbeing and efficiency. Chosen by the world leader in the design and production of eco-responsible carpet tiles, Tétris found inspiration in the very latest trends in terms of offices (clean desk, phonebox, flex office…) to design this fashionable space nestling in the heart of the 8th Arrondissement of Paris.

With this new space, Interface has inaugurated a new way of working that encourages creativity, nomadism and teamwork based on a layout concept invented by the company and already in place in its German offices in Krefeld.
Designed according to the principles of the ‘Living workspace’, it offers various layouts, furniture and technologies designed to meet the needs of users and improve their wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

This clever mix of shared (open space and co-working) and private spaces is already bearing fruit just a little over one month after moving into these new premises. Interface employees say that their feeling of wellbeing has increased by almost 43%, and their productivity by 38%.

Our Mission

  • Space-Planning

    Tétris creates the fit-out plan for your offices. Space-planning enables us to organise and optimise the space to create a user-friendly office.

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  • Interior Design

    Bring your designer office fit-out project to life with Tétris. Our teams design tailored projects that reflect your values.

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  • 3D Modelling

    Take advantage of 3D modelling and virtual visits to guide your decision-making and to improve your communication.

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  • Fit-out Works

    Call on Tétris to successfully fit out your offices. Our teams can handle all the work required to complete your project.

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  • Furniture Solutions

    Call on Tétris for a successful furniture fit-out. We are there to help you from the architectural design to the delivery to your project.

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  • Green offices

    Ensure your projects are environmentally-friendly with a green office fit-out. Tétris can provide you with acoustic, olfactory and visual comfort.

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