The challenge:
Reimagine office spaces for a better tomorrow.

Today’s organisations are under increasing pressure to prioritise sustainability in their Real Estate agenda. The global crisis has revealed a lack of resilience in systems that were already failing to meet the needs of millions pushing firms to be more responsible and to view risks differently. As businesses go through this crisis, the need to attract and retain the best talents is now crucial in an already high competitive environment. Organisations need to meet their people at their expectations and rethink the purpose of their workplace to provide spaces and experiences that matter. It is vital that we shape a green recovery, based on collective action and a commitment to protecting each other and the future of our planet.

Key fact : Real Estate accounts for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our approach:

Help our clients achieve their sustainability ambition by leveraging a deep expertise and understanding of green Real Estate.

Our ambition is to design and build a better tomorrow, and as the leader in the industry, we believe in the opportunities that can bring a sustainable and responsible approach of the workplace for an organisation in the long term.

We have identified three priorities to drive focussed effort :


Creating inclusive
and resilient society.




Enabling healthy people
and environments




Ensuring climate resilience
& net zero carbon transition

How do we ensure and transcribe this commitment at Tétris?

1. Climate resilience & net zero carbon transition

  • Design towards circular economy practices
  • Re-use savings: use re-purposed instead of new furniture
  • Build ecosystems that minimize water consumption
  • Spaces with natural light
  • Good indoor environmental air quality
  • Use of renewal energy such as solar energy
  • Use of more natural materials
  • Floors that can be easily swept to minimize the use of electricity
  • Make the stairs attractive and reduce the use of lift
  • Design spaces for recycling
  • Install motion sensors and smart exterior shuttering to reduce the consumption of lighting, heating and air-conditioning.

2. Healthy people and environments

  • Design positive spaces using the WELL Building Standard
  • Use of technology solutions to deliver wellbeing (e.g: touchless access control, remote monitoring…)
  • Integrate a 360° sustainable design approach through biophilia, use of wood, colors inspired by nature…
  • Create diverse spaces (relaxation room, comfortable open space, phone box, silence room…)

3. Creating inclusive and resilient society 

  • Create diverse, inclusive environments spaces that promote innovation and collaboration
  • Support local communities by buying local materials


Why Tetris?

  • We combine high-quality design with principles of sustainability for the benefit of our clients, society and the environment
  • Total certified EMEA surface area + 177 K sqm
  • 24 sustainable fit-outs through EMEA
  • A global advisory group & local experienced teams
  • Partners of the Urban Mining Collective (UMC) to build in a circular way as much as possible.
  • We offer a number of building certification systems including: Ska, LEED, BREEAM, Cerway and HQE




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South Africa

+27 82 782 4314

Our projects in sustainability

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