Finishing touches – so much more than gloss

20 January 2020

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Specialist at Tétris South Africa, Jack Rautenbach, talks about the influence of finishing touches in a design project, and how they can make or break the design elements in a space.

Plan the finish first
The power of finishing touches should never be underestimated. It’s the artwork and accessories that bring personality and character to the mood of a design concept. It’s why it is key to consider and plan for these pieces at the beginning of a project so that they are not added as an afterthought. This means allocating the necessary budget upfront to allow for a strong finish.

A layering process
All the design elements are pulled together by the supporting details. A well saturated space brings depth, shape, texture and colour to an interior. It’s about adding density through layers of carefully curated pieces – from a statement piece of art or moulded ceiling, to decorative green leaves in a modern vase and an appropriate coffee table book. These are the elements that complete a look and enhance the overall conceptual vision.

Boosting your brand
Often, it’s the finishing touches that really allow a company to communicate their brand personality and culture. Whether it’s a retro velvet couch in your reception area or bright yellow pendants above the office coffee station, these elements reflect your brand, tell a story and are vital in creating an experience that leaves an impression.

Connecting architecture and design
Materials and finishes are also a critical part of the design language that can emphasise a particular architectural style. A dramatic steel and glass chandelier creates a focal point inside a contemporary aluminium and glass façade, while a collection of Delft blue pottery plates gives a subtle nod to the historical reference of an office in a Cape Dutch building.

Reinventing your space
The right finish can transform a space. Simply repurposing the soft furnishings on an existing piece in a bold fabric can turn a dull interior into a lively one. You can reinvigorate a room with a striking rug or a geometric wallpaper. A well-placed mirror can reflect light and create the illusion of extra space. By focusing on the details, it’s amazing how they can highlight and elevate a good foundation.

A fundamental rule to apply when considering these all-important finishing touches is to proceed with conviction. If you think that it is these details that will provide the ‘wow’ factor in a scheme, that will infuse a space with style and personality, it’s vital that they provide a confident full stop to a design concept.