Find the perfect design for your workplace

Do you want work spaces with a creative and innovative design? We design fit-out projects reflecting your image, values and ambitions.  

Our design teams are made up of the best creative minds specialising in designing work environments. Their creativity and their artistry are complimented by a solid understanding of the regulatory requirements and efficiency expectations required when fitting out offices.

A work place in your image

As every business and brand is unique, our teams will create a unique project to suit you. With their expertise, they will make the most of the surface area, general proportions and light of your spaces. In accordance with your identity and image, our designers can create environments that are classical or contemporary, cosy or more urban, awash with colour or a more subdued décor. Their combinations of materials, textiles, lights and furniture will surprise and delight you in equal measure. Furthermore, they will integrate notions of brand identity, colour and greenery into their proposals, and even a feng shui approach if required, to create a designer work space in your image. Working closely with the project’s space planners, the teams will create spaces where the organisation, décor and equipment will favour new collaborative methods of working, all the while bringing well-being and comfort to their users.

Transform your work space with Tétris

Throughout the design phase of your new offices, the multi-disciplinary design team led by the project manager will provide tools for visualisation and decision-making such as plans, sketches, mood boards and even 3D virtual tours if you so desire.

  • Fit-out Consulting

    Bring your workspace fit-out project to life with Tétris. We can advise you and establish the best implementation strategy.

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  • Workspace management

    To turn your workplace fit-out project into a performance driver, we analyse your needs in order to define your workplace strategy.

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  • Space-Planning

    Tétris creates the fit-out plan for your offices. Space-planning enables us to organise and optimise the space to create a user-friendly office.

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  • Interior Design

    Bring your designer office fit-out project to life with Tétris. Our teams design tailored projects that reflect your values.

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  • Fit-out Works

    Call on Tétris to successfully fit out your offices. Our teams can handle all the work required to complete your project.

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  • Furniture Solutions

    Call on Tétris for a successful furniture fit-out. We are there to help you from the design to the delivery to your project.

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  • Small Works

    Bring your small-scale workspace fit-out projects to life with Tétris, to periodically reconfigure your spaces.

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Tétris Brochure

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They trusted us

  • Spotify
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Deezer
  • Deliveroo
  • King
  • Stanley

The Paris offices are superb, and have received a universally positive internal response [...]. We wanted to draw attention to the professionalism, availability, shrewd advice and friendliness of the project managers who led this project so brilliantly.

Muriel Havas
Head of Facilities de BlaBlaCar

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