Design themes that defined 2019

19 February 2020

With February coming to a close, Emma Luyt, Managing Director of Tétris South Africa, identifies two key themes that impacted the company’s design agenda last year.  

The rise of the digital client

The distinctive design philosophies required by clients in the digi-tech space dominated the conversation at Tétris last year. It’s an exciting environment to work in, with companies increasingly interested in workplace design and what that means for their employees. While every client has their individual brand identity that needs to be explored and showcased, and there is a lot of value to be found in interpreting that brand visually, a common thread is the emphasis on creating a productive, agile experience for their people.

The work completed at Jellyfish, Dynamic Technologies and Glucode provide inspiring examples of workplace design for technology innovators.

Software development company, Glucode (Sandton), brings innovative thinkers and creators together to produce apps that people love. And their space needed to reflect this. The client had a strong vision of what they wanted, and close collaboration ensured a cutting-edge result. The design and interior fit-out is characterised by zones that lend themselves to flexible ways of working, teamwork and innovation.

Dynamic Technologies (Rosebank) is a software and technology group defined by the disruptive technologies if offers. The company ethos called for a bold, dynamic and fun space, with the common areas an important part of the brief. Careful attention was given to spaces that encourage staff to take a break from work and recharge. Among these is a much-appreciated rooftop terrace.

Global digital agency, Jellyfish (Rosebank), has offices all over the world, but they are one company united by one culture. This philosophy was critical to the design brief – their office space had to make this statement loudly and clearly. The result is a bold, visually interesting design, highlighted by multi-functional, collaborative and creative spaces. The multitude of break-away zones are essential to promote productivity and wellness in a busy environment.

3D design – bringing our ideas to life

At Tétris, technology has become an integral part of the design process. An investment in next-gen design technology (particularly 3D rendering software) and new, dedicated in-house resources, has elevated our conceptual design offering. Being able to convey a vision and concept for a space is key, as it offers clients a comprehensive virtual experience that brings clarity to a project before construction has begun. A clear interpretation upfront enables efficient changes and supports a seamless, cost-effective design process.

With the skills of our conceptual designers and 3D artists, we have been able to share exactly what we have envisioned for our clients’ projects, resulting in constructive dialogue and a final design that meets all criteria. We have several examples of amazing concepts and visualisations that are almost identical to the final built space.

Now on to 2020…