How can you design a Pivot Space for tomorrow’s workplaces?

31 Jul 2020

For companies of all shapes and sizes, the COVID-19 pandemic has really brought home the realisation that today’s offices are about far more than a desk to work from.

They’re increasingly being seen as places where people connect with one another in ways you can’t do in a video call – where informal chats spark new ideas, internal teams collaborate effectively in-person and clients get a real sense of the values driving the company they’re doing business with.

And to make all of this happen comes down to how you design and use the space you have.

It’s why what we call Pivot Spaces – those multifunctional areas of the office – are so important.

Adaptable and tech-enabled, they’re the spaces where teams gather on a Monday morning to plan their week, where clients come in to discuss business and where colleagues can catch up in comfort.

There’s no-one-size-fits-all design to these spaces – they might include semi-private pods, screens for presentations, larger tables for brainstorming or meetings, or quiet spots for focus time. Modular furniture is a smart choice so companies can easily revamp the spaces to suit their changing needs.

Right now, Pivot Spaces are in high demand as offices adapt their work areas in accordance with physical distancing regulations to help safeguard staff. Equally, we’re seeing them become more focussed on promoting health and wellbeing such as easy-to-clean surfaces and ensuring plenty of natural light.

In the longer-term though, Pivot Spaces will be the reason why people enjoy coming into the office. They’re the places where people can work according to their own needs and preferences and interact with the people around them to feel part of a community.     

For companies planning for tomorrow’s workplace, Pivot Spaces are an area to pay particular attention to. The challenge is designing such a space that ticks all the boxes for your employees while also showcasing your brand and values. A challenge, but far from impossible!

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