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Q&A: Why the hybrid workplace suits a new era of work

14 Apr 2021

It’s okay to take a digital detox – even if you work from home

19 Jan 2021

Sustainability is a millennial design imperative

17 Dec 2020

Research : EMEA 2020 Fit-Out Cost Guide

16 Dec 2020

How the employee and the planet are central to new office space trends

1 Dec 2020

7 office design trends to watch in 2021: flexible, sociable and at home

25 Nov 2020

How environmentally responsible is your office?

10 Nov 2020

Why green workplace design creates a feel-good factor

23 Oct 2020

Working well: office design for mental health

5 Oct 2020

Designing a more sustainable workplace

28 Sep 2020

Design for life: Cutting carbon in the workplace

21 Sep 2020

Don’t refuse to reuse. “Low waste” in office design

8 Sep 2020

Working on site in the time of social distancing

24 Aug 2020

High design, low density: the post-pandemic office

17 Aug 2020

How can you design a Pivot Space for tomorrow’s workplaces?

31 Jul 2020

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