3D Modelling of your fit-out project

Our design team will create 3D images and will help you model your fit-out project. In order to help users more clearly see themselves in their future work environment or make important decisions, they can create a 3D virtual visit of your workspaces for you that reflects the design developed by our interior designers.

Decision-making is easier with a virtual visit

The ultra-realistic virtual office tour can be viewed on a tablet or using a virtual reality headset. You can share it easily with a working group or all of your employees in order to inform them about the future project. These virtual visits make it easier to understand the volumes. The design, furniture and materials chosen become clear and the extremely detailed images enable you to even identify the textures of the various components. It is both a powerful decision-making tool and communication medium.

Use 3D modelling to create a marketable showcase

This 3D model of your fit-out project can be used to help property owners to market and sell their vacant spaces. We can help you through this process by creating a virtual marketing suite that will give your customers a precise vision of your property's potential once it has been fitted out. This solution, which is much less expensive than a physical showroom, will have just as much impact and can be shared with a project team, even at a distance.



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