<span class="field-content">Balancing collaboration and remote working</span>


Balancing collaboration and remote working

20 March 2017

Evolving technology is enabling us to do so much more than ever before and work from just about anywhere. So, you don’t need bricks and mortar to build your company anymore… or do you?

It’s the decade of collaboration apps and big buzz concepts like mobility and remote working, which may bring about idealistic pictures of oneself sprawled out on a cushy sofa, churning out work with ease. No traffic jams! No sniffling co-workers! Paradise, right?

Yes, the new-age digital office means staff can get more done without the distraction of ringing phones and constant interruptions from colleagues. It also promises greater flexibility and will save them precious hours and money, usually spent on commuting to and from the office. This translates into improved employee morale, productivity, and lower overheads for your business. But you need to make some considerations before completely forsaking the traditional office.

Read more by Emma Luyt, Managing Director, Tétris South Africa

<span class="field-content">Your window view of the world</span>


Your window view of the world

4 November 2016

It’s amazing the power of a natural view. Various research projects over the years have proven the benefits of bringing nature into man-made spaces. It’s called biophilic design and it can help employees to be more productive, hospital patients to recover quicker and encourage children to learn.

If we consider that we spend some 90% of our time in built environments, it is imperative that the spaces we occupy enhance health and quality of life. Incorporating biophilic principles in a design can have the strongest positive effect on our psyche.

Read more by Kirsten Dodds, Interior Designer, Tétris South Africa

<span class="field-content">From zero to hero in two short years</span>


From zero to hero in two short years

20 October 2016

Unpacking the fast track success of Tétris, JLL’s design and build arm, on the occasion of its 2nd anniversary in business.

Tétris has gone from a start-up enterprise in October 2014 to a leading provider of design, fit-out and refurbishment services – in just two years.

Read about our journey

<span class="field-content">Future proof a millennial space</span>


Future proof a millennial space

14 September 2016

Did you know that by 2020, millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) will form 50% of the global workforce?

That means in just four years, your office space will probably accommodate a whole lot of workers who have a completely different perspective on where and how they operate in an office. How you respond to this statistic in terms of work space design will have a meaningful impact on the way you attract and retain talent.

Read more by Robyn Gray, Head: Business Development, Tétris South Africa

<span class="field-content">Tétris designs and builds new South Africa headquarters for multinational law firm</span>


Tétris designs and builds new South Africa headquarters for multinational law firm

17 March 2016

Tétris South Africa delivers a space for the future for Baker & McKenzie’s new Johannesburg offices.

JOHANNESBURG, 17 March 2016 – Tétris provides full turnkey design and fit-out service for Baker & McKenzie’s new local headquarters, mirroring the design language of the firm’s global offices. With four months from inception to installation, the law firm’s new home in Illovo, Johannesburg is one that provides warmth and a welcoming space for legal minds and clients alike.

Designing for a law firm in the 21st century meant that the Tétris design team had to seamlessly incorporate the traditional structure of law firms with the expectations of a new generation of Millennials who are used to seamlessly integrated technology and flexibility and demand more efficiency and collaboration.

When designing for the Baker & McKenzie offices, key office trends seen in law firms globally were incorporated:

  • Smaller libraries as content goes digital

  • Standard office sizes

  • Shared offices and increased collaborative spaces

  • Open office workstations for attorneys

  • Glass doors and walls

  • Increased access to natural daylight and views
    (Source: Workplace Trends Influencing Law Firms, Haworth)

Emma Luyt, Managing Director: Tétris, South Africa, elaborates: “The workplace is changing, driven by the frenetic pace of technological advancement and the vastly different mentalities of the workforce. Our challenge was to incorporate forward thinking design principles with the traditional needs of a law firm while at the same time faithfully incorporating the Baker & McKenzie brand throughout the office space.”

The design process took the building from an empty shell to a functional work environment. Workstations were designed to suit both the storage requirements of a legal firm as well as the contemporary look of the office interiors. Storage racks, lockable cupboards, print stations and pause areas with coffee machines were included to support the long hours of hardworking lawyers. A restaurant-style canteen for was designed and fully kitted out, allowing busy staff to easily grab a coffee, a bite to eat and perhaps have a quick informal catch up.

The highlight is the third floor client interface area featuring a bar, various relaxed waiting areas flanked by laser cut screens, meeting spaces rounded off with South Africa artwork, and a library paying homage to the old world showcasing rows of leather-bound volumes.

The aesthetics incorporated a sophisticated interpretation of the red and yellow corporate colours with the use of a palette inspired by luxury cheese and wine. Chestnut-burgundy hues offset by warm ambers and russet bronzes combined with ore black metals. Warm timbers, bronze mirrors and slabs of marble in alabaster whites were pulled together an elegant yet inviting space.

“Baker & Mckenzie JHB is delighted with the work Tétris has done in creating what we believe is a warm and inviting working environment that complements our work ethic and firm values,” says Bruce Schubach,  COO, Baker & McKenzie JHB.

“The resulting space is one of forward-thinking sophistication, staying true to the Baker & McKenzie culture while taking it forward as a workplace of the future in line with an evolving legal industry,” Luyt concludes.

<span class="field-content">MIPIM</span>



15 March 2016

Meet the EMEA Tétris team at MIPIM from 15th to 18th of March in Cannes. We will enjoy to welcome you on the Accama Boat, Jetée Albert Edouard Nord, Marina, Palais des Festivals. More info

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18 November 2015

MAPIC, the international retail property market fair, is the can’t miss event to discover projects, innovations and to meet the greatest actors of the market. For the second time, Tétris EMEA teams will enjoy to welcome you to present their recent achievements. Join us on the Accama Boat, Palais des Festivals of Cannes from 18th to 20th November 2015.

<span class="field-content">NEO CON 2015</span>


NEO CON 2015

25 June 2015

Johannesburg - Robyn Gray, Head of Design: Tétris South Africa, recently attended NeoCon, the largest commercial interiors show in North America. Gray discusses two of the stand-out trends she saw at the show.

From 15 to 17 June, designers and furniture manufacturers from around the world pulsed around the 14 floors of inspirational design displays at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. The three day event included discussions, keynote address and pristine displays all showing the changes in office usage, technological advancements that affect the workplace, trends, new floor and wall finishes and the newest products that the leading brands of the office world have to offer.

Gray notes, “As we have seen in the past few years, there is a major movement toward environmentally conscious design. This year, the colour green was a major feature. This literal representation showed a movement away from the lime green tones we have seen, showing instead a layering of various greens in one space, from a brilliant fern green to a washed out autumn leaf – colour as it occurs in nature. These tones, partnered with a spark of gold or a hint of a surprising blush pink create an office environment that is calming, inviting and homely, calm and relaxing.”

Similarly, there is a movement toward soft, comfortable and quiet furniture for activity based working (ABW) spaces, giving the users in these spaces a sense of safety and belonging, cocooning them. “This is an interesting move, showing perhaps solutions to problems that have been picked up within activity based working environments. It is important that employees feel part of the company for which they invest a great portion of their time; for them to have a stable affinity for the company that they represent,” concludes Gray.

<span class="field-content">Tétris acquires Novo Interior in Portugal</span>


Tétris acquires Novo Interior in Portugal

9 February 2015

JLL has acquired Novo Interior, the specialist Lisbon-based retail property fit-out company, to further strengthen its Tétris business which continues to record strong growth and client demand across 14 countries in Europe, Africa and South America. Novo Interior has an international retailer clientele and a highly regarded 15-year track record which fits neatly with growth plans for Tétris in the retail property design and fit-out sector across Europe, as well as complementing JLL’s broader EMEA Retail real estate services offer.

Novo Interior’s strong reputation and extensive experience – the company is particularly known for luxury retail space fit-outs – provides an ideal match alongside the existing Tétris capabilities in Portugal which are primarily focused on the office sector, while also expanding into hotel, logistics and industrial projects.

<span class="field-content">Tétris UK hosted the first International Tétris Design Conference</span>


Tétris UK hosted the first International Tétris Design Conference

24 November 2014

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th November, Tétris UK hosted the first International Tétris Design Conference. We are thrilled to be welcoming our colleagues from across Europe and beyond as we gather to share ideas, discuss the latest design trends in workplace design and consider the best possible ways to implement this into our schemes. A special thank you to Claudia Hamm (Regional Director Workplace Strategy – EMEA Corporate Solutions) for her presentation on “Designing Great Places for the Future of Work”. This ongoing collaboration across the brand ensures we stay at the forefront of cutting-edge design, facilitates us to further push the boundaries of our already unique position as a Global provider and enables us to deliver optimal solutions to our clients. A huge step forward for Design at Tetris!